A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

'The Last Standing Sentinel' is a tower-defense like game that consist of only one tower, and that's you. You are zoned helpless and you need to used your weaponry to defend yourself and defeat every single enemy.

The controls are very simple: 1 , 2 and 3
They control your weapon targets, use them to aim your weapons at the enemy.

The tools used were:
- Unity3D (C#)
- Piskel
- Premiere Pro
- Beepbox

The programming was done by me (Tyranosaw), and the artwork was done by my mate Zuezazon

(Not yet downloadable)

UPDATE: 14/12/16
- Wave bug fix. No more impossible mass golem wave.
- Game is now restartable.
- Balancing between all enemies, player stats and upgrades.

WORKING ON (recommended from you):
- Tutorial
- More unique enemies


The Last Standing Sentinel Original Ludum Dare.zip 11 MB
The Last Standing Sentinel Original Ludum Dare.app.zip 14 MB


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The game seems interesting, I would work more at the music/ sound Fx.

Lets see the evolution!!!!